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a vibrant sanctuary for spiritual seekers

We are a vibrant sanctuary of spiritual seekers...

Venturing into the realms of Spirit, intuition, and the mystical can be both exhilarating and intimidating. During this phase you may experience:

  • A lack of confidence in your own spiritual abilities and beliefs which can be a barrier to wholeheartedly embracing your spiritual journey.

  • A feeling of isolation as you search for a reliable community of kindred spirits to exchange experiences, form connections, and thrive. Lack of representation across all cultural groups in many spiritual communities can further heighten a feeling of isolation.

  • Overwhelmed by the abundance of spiritual knowledge available and unsure of how to initiate or navigate your spiritual path with confidence.

  • Anxiety about being judged and holding back from openly discussing your spiritual interests with friends or family.

These are signs that you are on your own path to self-discovery and enlightenment, but you don’t have to do it alone!  

Inside the Library you will enjoy...

Endless Rooms of Enlightenment: Discover hidden wisdom within the Third Eye Library’s vast resources. Our commitment to diverse spiritual exploration allows you to deepen your understanding of various modalities from angels and mediumship, to astrology and human design, all in one place.

Embrace Your Spiritual Path: Guided by a coven of female healers, mentors, and entrepreneurs, you'll develop and nurture the self-assurance needed to embrace the journey towards enlightenment.

Connection + Collaboration: No longer feel alone on your spiritual journey. The Third Eye Library is a thriving, inclusive, and diverse community of individuals across all walks of life ready to create authentic connections. Through discussions, community events, and partner pairings you will have the ability to practice using your own gifts while learning about others.

What do we offer?

The Third Eye Library offers a supportive and inclusive sanctuary where members of all backgrounds can freely explore their spiritual curiosity, ask questions, seek guidance and learn from a seasoned network of professionals, in a safe and supportive environment. 

Within our expansive resource center, you can discover and experience a diverse range of healing practices, saving you precious time and resources. As you embark on this journey within our nurturing community, you'll cultivate the self-assuredness to embrace your spiritual gifts, and be given the keys to truly integrate them into your daily life. 

This vibrant sanctuary welcomes anyone who is ready to be open and receptive. The confidence you gain from engaging within our community will empower you to share your beliefs and talents with the world.

The Library doors are open...

Claim your power + join the library today